The Nouveau FRANCE

Its name, first and foremost

Brings a legend back to life

Drawing you along in its wake !

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Subtle chicness

A different look and rhythm

An attitude envied by all

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Losing oneself in open spaces

The sea from a different angle

A unique deck layout

A breath of fresh air

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A unique ship

In its concept

In its design

France, the home of invention

The home of daring, creativity, influence and prestige

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This is not a cruise

this is a journey …

… aboard …

… The Nouveau FRANCE

At your own pace

Under the season’s charms

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February 2009 :

An auction at Artcurial.

The bow of the original France is stored at Paris Yacht Marina.

A team is formed, and a unique ship concept is developed.

Architects and cruise and finance experts come together to bring a new legend to life.

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A love of boats has run in Didier Spade’s family for two generations.

He is the designer of the Nouveau FRANCE ocean liner and has pursued this project with a passion.

He has stayed resolutely at the helm to achieve the dream shared by many French men and women.

Elisabeth Weis joined him early on, performing duties relating to communications, design, and the development of partnerships, to help this project sail smoothly.

Other partners also pitched in to flesh out the project.


Didier Spade
Elisabeth Weis